Monday Miscellaneous

The Monday after Turkey Day is always an insane day filled with a horrible mental and emotional hangover. For me that hangover is also attached to a longing to go back to the world of Star Wars. Let me explain (and probably get a little too personal in the process):

I have one of those personalities that equates buying things with love. I’m sure that some therapist somewhere would enjoy helping me unpack that connection, finding that the threads there are somehow intertwined with toys that I had to earn as a kid, my father’s insistence on spending all of his money on shit that he didn’t need, and society at large. Combine that with Christmas, that lovely consumer-filled holiday coated in a nice sheen of excess, and you have some really crazy stuff going on in my head this weekend.

Never mind the fact that this was the first Thanksgiving in eleven years where I didn’t either cook or host a feast. Never mind that my son was introduced to Santa in a frighteningly horrible experience (see above). Never mind the fact that I will be unemployed in less than a month and moving to another state in less than two months.

What really got my juices flowing this weekend was the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta testing weekend. I didn’t neglect my family (although I could’ve); I played a little bit here and there, mostly at night, and other than accidentally starting a character on a wrong server (stupid Bondar Crystal), I had a good time. If not a little isolated. I have friends on two different servers, but I found myself getting caught up in my own individual story on separate servers. Sad state of affairs.

Anywho, flash forward to Monday morning, and I was surprised to see the beta testing still going. I can’t wait to get home and play a little bit. But I’m also going to try to sell everything that I don’t want so I can afford to have that game in my life. It’s precious to me. My own. My precious.

God forbid we be able to create some sort of story like that as publishers. We manage words on paper, but I think that we should be managing ideas and expression. Intellectual Property managers, capable of finding and coordinating expressions of ideas in their myriad forms. What does an artist rendering of a character look like? What does a song inspired by a poem sound like? What does a film inspired by an art piece look and sound like? And yes, Electronic Arts, Bioware, and Lucasfilm all combined and worked together to make sure that The Old Republic is going to be the best thing ever. They have enough money to ensure that sort of fanatical devotion. But sometimes it’s about the idea.

Or so I’d like to think.