I’m taking part in Extra-Life 2012, gaming for Children’s Miracle Network. I will start gaming on Friday the 19th at 9:00pm, and I won’t stop until Saturday the 20th at 9:00pm. My donation page is here.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t game as much as I used to. Heck, I couldn’t even tell you the last time I stayed awake all night, but this is for a special cause: kids.

I used to compete in bar championships, raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network every year, and anyone who watched me warm up or anything saw how serious I took raising money for charity. Bartending? Playing video games? Walking around a track? However it’s done, the important thing is that it’s for charity.

I’m asking for support for the children who were dealt a rough hand when they were born, and every little bit counts. These kids didn’t ask to need help, but if there’s something I can do to help ease a little suffering, I want to do it.

Here’s the deal: (All donations are tax deductible. Both Republicans and Democrats agree that writing stuff off is awesome) If you can donate a little money for every hour that I play, I’ll try to offer something in return. It might not be a lot, but it’s really about the kids first and foremost; this is just a fun way to say thanks.

If you donate 25 cents per hour ($6), I’ll give you a virtual high-five or hug (real high-five or hug if I see you in person in the next 5 years).

If you donate 50 cents per hour ($12), I’ll give you a personal thanks on your social site of choice (and the previous reward).

If you donate a dollar per hour ($24), along with the previous rewards, I’ll give you a free ebook (PDF) of Calvino and the Wolftone: Book 0. I wrote it, and it’s probably horrible, but it’s yours!

If you donate 2 dollars per hour ($48), along with the previous rewards, I’ll write a short story starring you in the genre of your choice (but not romance).

If you donate 4 dollars per hour ($96), along with the previous rewards, I’ll write a short story starring you and record a dramatic (or humorous) audiobook for you (again, no romance).

Make me work for it (in case you don’t think that gaming for 24 hours is work enough)!



***The phrase ‘Cognitive Surplus’ was coined by Clay Shirky; it basically states that we are in a position to help others because, in our post-industrial age, we now have excess brain-power, and people use that excess to create and share information, tools, and entertainment. What do you use your cognitive surplus for?

I’m here to help get the word out about technologies that impact our lives. That may range from small innovations in wearable computing to large innovations in managing datasets, but the point is this: technology is ubiquitous in the Western world. It is becoming ubiquitous in the world at large, and if we look to the history of technological impact in various aspects of civilization, we see that there is usually seismic changes left in the wake. How has technology impacted art? The home? Entertainment? Social interactions?***


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