Everybody’s Gotta Have a Thing

After spending 24 hours doing something that I thought I unconditionally loved, I came to several conclusions, and I hope to have them all sorted out soon. Unfortunately, playing video games for 24 hours straight (whether for charity or not) has made my brain a little soft in a few spots.

But the one thing that I can honestly say beyond the shadow of a doubt is that everybody’s got to have a thing that they do that makes them happy.

It doesn’t really matter what that thing is, provided that it doesn’t get in the way of everyone’s happiness (and if you take that maxim all the way to the ends of the earth, everyone would be doing what they wanted to do without hurting other people, as that would violate the terms of the statement. See? Brain = jello. I have no idea what I just said).

For some people, they have to have to have to read. Others have to watch their stories. Some people just gotta jam out. And still others have to game.

Now, I love a good game. Scrabble, Backgammon, certain video games, whatever. Why do I game?

Well, why do you do what you do? Who cares why I game? Why should someone care about why you do what you do?

Think about that last sentence. Why SHOULD anyone care? Are you famous? Are you 50 and look like your 20? Are people concerned that you aren’t living to your full potential because of that thing?

I’m rambling. Point is, you need some time every once in a while to enjoy that thing that you enjoy. Maybe you need to get up 22 minutes earlier once a week so you can watch that show before work (I subtracted 8 minutes for the commercials). Maybe you should stay up an extra hour on Tuesday nights because that’s the night that your cousin can log onto the internet and play that game with you…

Maybe you just need to quit watching that one crappy show so you can pick up your guitar for 22 more minutes a week.

Or maybe, after having to do that one thing that you love to do for 24 hours straight, you think about that one thing that kept popping up into your head, saying to yourself, “man… If I could do anything right now, I’d _____.”

What is in your blank?

Kudos to you if you read all of this. I’m tired, and I don’t feel like reading it, so if there are errors or sentences that go on and on and on and don’t say anything, my bad…


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