Too Old for an iPhone

I just made the transition to an Android phone, moving over from an iPhone. I have to say, so far so good.

My favorite thing? The fact that when I plug it into the computer, I can go in and look at the folders for all the data. It’s not much, but it speaks to a different type of interface. When I first started messing around with computers, I used DOS. The beautiful thing about DOS is that you have control over where everything goes, provided that you know some of the commands.

I always thought that Windows was ridiculous. Here was this resource-intensive program that would do all the things that you needed to do, but a lot less efficiently. It made it easier for people, but it made us depend on more powerful systems in order to do the same stuff because of that additional level of interface.

Plug in an iPhone, and you have to go through the proprietary operating system to do anything. Yes, it’s easier, but try and do anything the old fashioned way, and you get screwed. Or confused.

Or maybe I’m just too old…


2 thoughts on “Too Old for an iPhone

  1. Not too old, just different. I prefer the Apple stuff because it works. All the time. Whereas my PC stuff never did.

    On a related note, I want a cellphone to make phone calls with. Just phone calls. Don’t need a calendar, don’t want to send text messages, don’t want to surf the internet or get directions. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find a phone to fit my needs that isn’t also marketed toward the hearing aid wearing, senior citizen market.

  2. I totally agree. In making the change, my work noted that because of the software architecture, I can’t sync my phone with my work account, saying that if I had an iPhone, it wouldn’t have been a problem. Yes, the phone did work all the time, and it would be nice to sync it with work stuff, but if I’m going to walk around with a phone that’s able to do all that crazy stuff, I want to be able to go into it and manually tweak it. I think I must be a control freak. It’s probably similar to owning an old, beat-up car that I work on instead of leasing one that I have to take into the dealership to get worked on.
    Of course, now I feel like I’m mixing up my metaphors…
    To respond to your point, I think a phone that just made calls is a pretty darned excellent idea! They should make one of those (and market it to hipsters, too!). Related to that, one of my coworkers showed me his phone, and I thought it was huge and fat, but he said that it’s actually just the case. He felt the phone was too thin and girly…
    Maybe we’re just resisting the natural progression of this tech on some level…

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