Some potentially inflammatory remarks about Kickstarter…


I hate what Kickstarter is turning into.

Actually, let me back up a step.

I love what Kickstarter started out as: a tool for crowd-sourcing for creative projects. I dig it. As a fan of indie content, it helps level the playing field between the haves and the have-nots.

One of the latest trends, though? Big names who possibly have the individual funds and professional contacts to avoid Kickstarter as a necessity? I’m not a fan.

The Double Fine Adventure… It has more than 3 million dollars pledged so far. It’s not like Tim Schafer is a newbie to the field… He’s continually had his chance; he’s had success; he’s had failure.

Leisure Suit Larry… Don’t get me wrong; I’ve been a fan ever since Larry accidentally yelled “Crabs! Crabs!” because my friends and I forgot to  have him lay down a beach blanket before beach-sex. But. Al Lowe has had his chance. The Kickstarter goal for this game is $500,000 (and he’s already gotten more than $300,000).

Now, it looks like I’m picking on those two, and that could be the case. It’s no surprise that I’m not a Notch fan, but I’ll give him this: he’s not taking any Kickstarter money from other, smaller projects. He’ll go directly to his fans when the time is right for Ox10 to the third power or whatever the hell the name is…

The argument could be made that the big profile projects brings traffic to the Kickstarter site, making the funding of all of those smaller projects more feasible. I get that. Maybe I’m just too glass-half-empty today (damn rain), but it seems that these big projects (that don’t necessarily necessitate crowd-funding—these people have distribution and production connections that they could utilize for making the projects) might be using up some of the available moneys for the smaller projects.

I do love some of the projects. Future Tense Books had a successful and modest campaign, and it makes me optimistic about my own company when I see something like that.

Small Souls will be releasing a Kickstarter fund fairly soon, and that makes me happy, too. Understated music + quality lyrics? Yes please.

I just hope there’s money left after those whales eat up all of the money.



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