A Short and Sweet Post about my Dog

Swimming in Johnson Creek

So my pup is not feeling very well. I fully intended to write a bit about intellectual property, creative process, and some idealism for the future of publishing, but I was up late last night, trying to get some fluids into Maddie.

She’s had some problems ever since we got her six years ago. She’s got food allergies, some nervous tics, and for the last couple of years, she’s had some kidney problems.

We got her, well rescued her would probably be more accurate, from a farm in Madras, Oregon. The product of a purebred Golden Lab and an over-eager working-dog-mutt, she was so scared of people when we got her, that it took almost a week before she would go up to my wife. It took her about three weeks before she’d come up to me. In the beginning, all she loved was her stuffed monkey.

Lil' pup and her Georgie

Sleepy time

Over the last few years, she’s become my foot-warmer while I write. She sits on the couch, sometimes pretty close to me, while I try to read everything on the internet. She speaks, shakes, and lays down.

And I swear to God, instead of playing dead when I pretend shoot her, she dodges the bullets, Matrix-style.

I’m about to take her to the doctor, so they can hook her up to an IV and give her some fluids today, hoping to get her kidney levels okay again.

I hope all of your friends are doing well today.

Her first swim


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