It’s a Matter of Perspective

I was thinking this morning about the not-so-beautiful weather we’re having in SoCal. The high is supposed to be in the 50s, and the sun has yet to peek through the cloud cover and shed its warm light on us lowly humans…

And I remembered that if we were having this weather up in Portland today, I would be ecstatic. And here is where I not-so-cleverly go back to the title of this post…

I’m sure there is some sort of connection with entertainment here. If you think about it, your expectations are defined by your previous experiences, right? Just like classical conditioning, neural pathways, all that stuff… If you continually watch the CW for riveting dramas, then yes, NCIS is like Shakespeare. If you’re used to using atablet for shooting birds out of a slingshot at fat little piggies, then yeah, an ebook with shitty fonts, horrible leading, and no real characters, you’ll probably go back to the games and say, “screw books.”

It’s all a matter of perspective.

It seems to me that marketing and audience-awareness is all about this perspective-understanding. I just got my wife interested in Pinterest (see what I did there?), and I noticed that there is a good amount of stuff that you can do with the platform. But it’s not as cool to someone who has used reddit, digg, or any other social bookmarking site. It’s just that my context for what’s going on there is a lot different than my wife’s. Additionally, if you wanted to use it to start to introduce yourself to potential readers or audience, you have to take that previous point into consideration. Who uses a lot of Pinterest? What kind of people are going to be there in the first place? How does that change your message?

If a novel is finite, and there are a finite amount of characters, premises, points of interest, then you have to pick and choose how you represent that to others (or market to markets). Using something like Pinterest could be a supreme waste of time unless you understand the perspective, the conversation, that’s already going on there. Do you want to do something original and creative in whatever platform you’re currently working on? Sweet, but understand that you’re going to have to battle against the expectations of the established user base. The canon isn’t going to change, so to say.

Why the shit am I writing about this stuff, anyway? Well, honestly, writing a blog entry that doesn’t get advertised, has no real purpose, and seems to be thinking out loud as opposed to establishing some sort of vetted information, is probably just me exercising my digits…

You are welcome.


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