Insert frustrated cuss word here

So I am thinking too much about publishing these days. It has to be stated. I used to sit around all day, content with consuming some form of creative content or another, usually clicking away at a mouse while I slaughtered helpless bunnies and boars as a Blood Elf, letting my eyes glaze over as my mind drifted to that point of oblivion where real and virtual met. Sometimes I would read a book, other times I would watch a movie. But in the end, all I was doing was consuming consuming consuming.

Maybe that’s a typical thing for people: eating before you can start to make. Not really sure.

But as I get ready to throw my own hat in the ring of publishing, ready to get my stable of creators out there to work in the world of content-creation, I can’t help but feel a tad reticent at the potentials waiting for us. Maybe it’s the fact that all of the press releases that I see these days all have something to do with the platform on which to access content. Maybe it’s the billions of dollars that go into the tablet war. Maybe it’s the fact that Amazon really seems to be out to get the publisher and the bookstore at the same time (which makes a lot of sense if you’re Amazon).

In the end, most publishers get into the work because they love books. Or the ideas of books. Or maybe the idea of loving books. Who knows… But I do know that most authors and artists do what they do because they love to do it. They want to communicate. They want to share. It’s probably a good and proper thing to pay them for it, allowing them the opportunity to make more and more (and this last “make” means “create”).

We want content, artists want to make content. It doesn’t seem that complicated, does it?


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