Things I’m grateful for

  1. Being a dad to a kid who just learned how to crawl. Yeah, it’s exhausting, but it’s so awesome seeing this little guy explore his world.
  2. Having a hot wife who’s nice. There are a lot of mean & hot chicks out there. I feel like I dodged a bullet there.
  3. Being a thinker. I was going to say “being a writer,” but that was presumptuous. I may not be a very good writer, but at least the things I try to write are interesting (to me at least).
  4. Knowing how to play some music. I’m not the best musician in the world, but I can play some things. I get to play for my wife and kid almost every single day. My son gets to hear me play as the last thing before sleep. I’m truly blessed.
  5. Having a job. Sure it’s like two part-part-time jobs, but it’s better than nothing. And I’m sure that there’s a lot more qualified people out there who aren’t working. I’m too lucky.
  6. Possessing this drive to be good. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s my mom’s fault. She is one of the goodest people I know. And yeah, “goodest” isn’t a word…
  7. Trying to be better. For some reason, when I’m lazy, there’s this little voice in my head that says I shouldn’t be lazy. I still hear that voice. Sometimes I listen to it. Probably not as much as I should, but I thank the voice a lot. I figure constant encouragement will keep it keeping me in check.
  8. Having way too many friends. Not as many as I’d like that live geographically near me, but you know; that’s the state of the world these days, I think. Not everybody has multiple people that would help out if needed.
  9. Living in America. Not because of politics or anything. I’m just being truthful. It’s kind of comfortable in America. That can be a bad thing, but it’s still nice. I don’t deserve it.
  10. Being a part of a family. Some of my friends are family. And some of my family are friends. That’s pretty nice.
  11. Knowing a few things. Probably not as much as I’d like to, but it’s neat not being in the dark about everything.
  12. Being a Dawg. Chomsky would disapprove, but I think he’d think differently about college football if he had ever had the pleasure of living in Athens in the Fall. Magical. And insane.
  13. Seeing my friends become parents. I really didn’t know how awesome and terrifying that is until I went through it. And I smile thinking about how much their worlds have changed and will change.
  14. Enjoying roller coasters. Seriously. I like them.
  15. Remembering those that have moved on to the afterlife. I miss them, but I take comfort in my memories of them. I remember seeing how my dad threw a football and marveling at the spiral. I remember playing banjo for my grandfather and watching him smile. I remember my other grandfather asking me if my new girlfriend had nice, big boobies. That’s the best.
  16. Food, clothing, and shelter. Seriously, if you put it in a world perspective, that’s pretty amazing.
  17. Lastly, I’m grateful for you, dear reader. Thanks for letting me share and be cheesy. I smiled while I wrote this.



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