Kick your shoes off for a bit…

Ok, as much as I’d love to sit here and talk about the importance of marketing or ethical business practices or whatever, I’ve decided to take some time and reflect on that magic that comes from pen, paper, and book.  Enjoy… (And click on the bigger images if you want to go somewhere else on the interweb)




I love this guy (Peter Callesen):



Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and remember that the love of books comes from those moments that we had with those books that transcend the act of reading.  Whether it was depression after that last page from you missing the main character already, or a great idea that you had never thought of before, or those stories that you couldn’t stop reading no matter how much homework that you had to do, I feel like some of these pictures contained some of that wonder.



3 thoughts on “Kick your shoes off for a bit…

  1. I found out about him in a class on Borges and Calvino. One of the students in the class said that he couldn’t help but think about Borges when looking at his work. I concur about the time. He must not play Warcraft.

  2. Enoeite oti kapoies deasris 8a pesoun sto vronto. Alla i poli doulia exei ginei me anesi borei na perasei enas Atenistas na riksei 2 kotsania molohas pou pianoun me to tipota antexoun exoun kai xroma. Malon to lefko eftege giati oi MOV oxi mono antexoun alla tis peripoiounte kiolas!!! Prepei oi Atenistas na apoktisoun xromatiki aftotita na fenete oti einai doulia ΩΡΑΙΩΝ an8ropon:-)

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