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socratesI like to think that I am above all the useless email marketing that I have been inundated with over the years across my multiple email accounts.  But that would be lying.  Every once in a while, Amazon will hit me with a beautifully personalized email offer (You like Blurays? We’ve got these on sale at 35% off!).  And then I’d go, look through their site, find one that I wanted and checkout, somehow still convinced that I was media literate.

Well now I have this unique defense against all these damn emails: graduate school.  No money equals no fun email sales that I respond to.  

But I think what worked so well from them was the segmentation that Amazon probably did in sending out its email to me.  I’m not sure if they have robots working on this or not, but my gut reaction is that they catalogue my buying habits and then craft the specific subject line directly to me, which then gets me to open it, and then I see all the goodness that comes from their marketing savvy.  This is all stuff that we talk about in the online marketing class.  

Which brings me to an offhand comment on the beauty (horrors) or marketing: it’s all rhetoric and sophistry.  Knowing your audience is key to knowing what to say in the subject line, and that is extremely similar to the notion of audience based composition theory.  Yeah, I’m sure Plato and Socrates are rolling in their graves, but that’s how I see it.

Who knew that it would be Amazon’s rhetorical mastery that would syphon so much of my money over the years…


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