The Long Tail and Time as Money

Recently I got to hear from Vintage Roadside and the way they have embraced Web 2.0 strategies into their marketing plan.  Well, it basically is their marketing plan.

When I first started learning about all of the potential inherent in some of the options out there for Web 2.0 integration, all I could think of was how we’re going to bring down all of these evil corporations with grassroots networking and blogging.  But now I think I have a little more cynical and realistic opinion about it all.

It’s not simply about making a facebook page and having the people flock to be your friend.  It takes a lot of work to really utilize social networking’s benefits for your company.  Vintage Roadside talked about the many hours a day that is spent cultivating online relationships and networking.  That’s worrisome to me, someone who can’t seem to juggle all the various online identities out there.

As much as I’d love to say that I can sit down, blog here, blog there, network with facebook people, trudge through the littered halls of myspace, blog again, and still manage to have any sort of time to spend with family and school, in reality I don’t find the time.  

Instead of actually doing all of those things, I sit and think about things that would make my life easier (I am an American).  I think the key is some sort of user-defined layer that can manage multiple accounts, passwords, bookmarks, all that stuff.  If you have to work on multiple books, multiple accounts, or anything like that, the key is being able to switch between those accounts on the fly and without too many obstacles between them.  

Before I go any further, I have to admit that I have no idea if there is already something out there that is able to do those things (ProfileLinker is almost there).  This all ties back into the idea of online identities and being able to manage those newtorked relationships.  Unless the IP in question is something that is tied personally to you, spending all of that time doing all of the required hours of work on managing social networking sites will not happen (without a fat paycheck).  So, let’s go techies!  Make our future jobs easier.  Please.




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