How many email addresses do you have?

too_much_mailSo I’m one of those guys out there that was worried about internet privacy for a while.  As such, I started up separate accounts for registering with certain places and all that; I’m sure that you have done it, too.  

What’s interesting, though, is how virtual identities are linked to an email address.  It’s your primary method of distinction in the World Wide Web of Wonder (why else would you be required to type the thing twice when registering at some website?), and as such, most of us have a JUNK mailbox (probably a hotmail or yahoo account, am I right?) and the one where we get our work done (unless you go to Portland State and decide to use the PDX mail and then you’re screwed).  

Right now I have 5 email addresses.

My yahoo account is the one that I use when signing up for online offers and when I may or may not actually want to talk to someone.

My PDX mail account is where I do most of my correspondence for school and such (and my Facebook account – I’m old school from back when you needed to go to college to get on the site).

My gmail account is used primarily for my bl0gs and Blogger Identity.  I try to maintain anonymity, but it never happens.

Then I have a yahoo account that I use for Sarah Lincoln, but I rarely check it; it was created mostly for Facebook registration.  

And I have a mac email account, too, but I feel like I reached critical mass and can’t respond to the sixth account.  Camel’s back and straw sort of thing.

Additionally, I have several yahoo accounts where I forgot the passwords and a hotmail account that I don’t remember the address to.  

And in the end, I feel pretty typical.  

What there needs to be is some sort of Meta-email center that will not only remember all of the passwords to my various accounts, but it will also list them all in one place at the same time.  Then I could get some work done.




One thought on “How many email addresses do you have?

  1. I have 5 email accounts, and that doesn’t include my Mac or Webmail accounts. Or the marketing group email. It’s out of control, I know.

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