Time-traveling Lincoln meets daughter

Abraham Lincoln traveled through time. We all know this. But what we may not know is that when Old Abe went into the future, he fell in love with Joan Matcham and their time together would transcend time to bring forth a daughter: Sarah Lincoln.

It all seems so obvious to me, but there might be some people out there who don’t know about Lincoln’s time-traveling exploits.

Curiously, it’s not the time-traveling Lincoln that has been getting attention so much lately, but a combination of Lincoln as savior and Obama as Lincoln that have caused semi-ruccus around his 200th birthday.

In addition to this time-traveling Lincoln, his fictional daughter has come alive and claimed her own Facebook page, creating a point for dialogue about creativity and reality.  Because now she is just as real as his own trip into the future, which still didn’t stop Old Abe from going back into the past and embracing the reality of the pre-existing timeline.


But in the end, it’s about a dog that brought these two people (Joan and Abe Lincoln himself) together for a short time and how it created a love that could make this little girl (Sarah Lincoln) be a kind and gentle soul.

Lincoln’s Daughter, out now and published by Ooligan Press.

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One thought on “Time-traveling Lincoln meets daughter

  1. In the photos we have of him, Lincoln looks like he could be two-hundred years old. Greatness will do that to you, I guess. Seriously, if anyone could travel through time, it would be Abe.

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