Super Bowl marketing and 3D imaging

3d-glasses-404_675044c1Well I just got done watching the Super Bowl, and the results are in: advertising is cool.  A call to arms to all people involved in 3D imaging, “Ride this free publicity train as long as you can!”

Call me a nerd or a sucker, but I was impressed with the way that the colorcode 3D stuff was covered in the commercials.  Grab your free 3D goggles made by intel and check out some videos:

here’s one

here’s another

one last one

Now, what does this have to do with books?  Everything.  If you think that marketing and advertising for books should adapt to the technocrowd (I’m talking to you Book Promo Trailer fanboys), then it seems so simple: all you have to do is to be the first to encode your book promos in 3D and they will come.  Quick searches on Youtube show that there are already a variety of 3D videos to choose from, and right now there are approximately a 100 million free 3D glasses on people’s coffee tables from the Super Bowl.  Now get out there and do it.




2 thoughts on “Super Bowl marketing and 3D imaging

  1. 100 million free 3D glasses: America’s answer to economic melt-down? Great post, Brian, but I passed on the Super Bowl (ads included), and I’ll pass on 3D book trailers.

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