“The book you want, just a click away!”

Not to get too theoretical about the biz or anything, but as I thought about the validity of a publisher using their website to sell their books, I couldn’t help but think that somehow or another, I was going about it in the wrong way.

Here we go, let’s get metaphysically futuristic and box exterior like.

Why do people use the big places?  Convenience, trust. Think about something that would provide those two things for the consumer.  Anything?

Personally I don’t think that any publisher can expect to do that without one of two things: Impressive money or Impressive creative talent.  Period.

They’re either going to have to make their brand as noticeable and trustworthy as Amazon (which gets high marks for surviving the dot com crash), or be lucky enough to publish some of the best stuff out there, constantly drawing fervor from the lips of fans across the world. Sadly, neither of these things are going to be easy or practical or easy.  Or easy.

It’s gotta transcend the money, the focus group, the old games of duping the consumer.  Art.  We’re going for art, here people.  We’re going for that thing that transcends the normal laws of business.  We’re going for a book that makes people not watch tv, not play warcraft, not surf the net.  Our books should be self contained transcendence.

And then I say to myself, “Damn, hippy.  Shut up and get back to work.”




2 thoughts on ““The book you want, just a click away!”

  1. I am on the same fence, as well. I LOVE the art of books, and the theoretical concept of it all transcending some sort of monetary boundary. But then, if you have a business, how do you sell books? How can you stay morally navigated to choose correctly? Do you spend your energy developing a non-profit? How much devoted energy is too much? Is free money worth that energy? Is it cheaper?

    These are questions I ask myself as reach graduation…

    And ultimately, I think it’s important to have balance. Not be overwhelming in marketing, or sales, but be persistent and conscious of it.

    Yeah, we should all go back to work. 🙂

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