Those crazy Myspacers…

God loves the internet.

And if you want to sell something about stupidity, drugs, or “bein’ a redneck,” it appears that Myspace is the place for you to set up a virtual marketing campaign.

Thanks to the good reporters at Yahoo! News, it is now apparent that more than half of the teenagers on Myspace list dangerous and self-destructive behaviors on their profiles.

Before you start lamenting on the downfall of American society, we can all take a deep breath and smell the marketing opportunities.  While Facebook seems to be leaving Myspace in the dust as far as the amount of accounts and daily access, Myspace is left dealing with the dregs of the online social community.  While some people predict that Facebook will surpass Myspace with the number of unique users, all one has to do is ask their friends which social networking site they use to see that it’s already happened.

So, what do you do with this info?  If you wrote or are publishing a book about social infidelity, drugs, or violence addiction, market it on Myspace and they will come.  They’ve apparently got nothing better to do.


2 thoughts on “Those crazy Myspacers…

  1. Hey, I didn’t say Facebook was innocent. Just that Myspace is a little clumsier in their presentation of poking and drinking.

    And I heard it’s a lot easier to get poked after accepting a cocktail from a stranger…

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